workshop on "The Changes in the Capital Markel "


Dr. Amin Jafari, Assistant Professor, Department of Private Law, Allameh Tabatabaei University

Dr. Sayed Morteza Shahidi, Assistant Professor, Department of Private Law, Kharazmi University


Workshop on In security crisis and  security politics"

Dr. Ghadir Nasri, Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences, Kharazmi University


The Models and Criteria for Sentencing under Germany's Criminal Law

Dr. Mehmet Arsalan, Senior Researcher at Max Planck Institute (Germany)


Resistive Economy

Dr. Ghafoor Kho'ini, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Law, Kharazmi University

Dr. Vahid Shaghaghi Shahri, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Kharazmi University


Iran's Approach to Peace and Security Environment

Dr. Mohammad Jafar Mahalati, Professor of Oberlin University, USA


Religion's Globalization in the International Politics' Quantum Mechanical Model

Dr. Arsalan Ghorbani Sheikh Neshin, Professor, Department of International Relations, Kharazmi University


Iran and the International Commitments: the Issue of National Implementation

Dr. Hadi Azari, Assistant Professor, Department of International Law, Kharazmi University

Dr. Sayed Hossein Sadat Meydani, Experts and Legal Counsel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Faculty Member in the Department of International Relations